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Internet surveillance in Russia has become common knowledge. They do censorship to protect political interests. The restrictions on the internet are very influential on bloggers, social media activists, and others, where they are both fighting for digital rights. They posted online anonymously to voice their opinions.

VPNs in Russia will provide temporary privacy, while allowing to unblock online services and websites. Unfortunately Russia also limits access to VPN sites, and ISPs in Russia do so. That is, access to the best and trusted VPNs becomes a bit tricky.

Using a VPN in Russia means you can get easy entertainment options with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, and so on. At least you can enjoy your favorite entertainment besides enjoying the amazing culture and atmosphere in Russia.

Why Should I Use A VPN In Russia

Before decide to traveling to Russia, you should know that the Russian government is stricter internet censorship. They blacklist a large number of foreign sites, for various reasons. The main reason is about their domestic and foreign political interests.

The government takes steps to monitoring internet usage, including telephone connections. They recently also passed a regulation that ISPs are required to work with governments to enforce supervision when required, even mandatory to provide internet usage records.

When access to the internet is restricted, the VPN is the most rational option to gain privacy and improve digital security while surfing the internet, as well as to bypass the blocks due to geo-restriction.

What is a VPN?

If you have never used a VPN, it is very simple, do not worry!. VPN will help you solve the problem of geo-blocks, be it web sites or other digital content on the internet. At the same time very helpful to secure privacy when you do online activities, either through a smartphone or laptop.

How does a VPN work?

Simple explanation, VPN is a simple form of technology that will give you access to blocked content with VPN server support. The VPN server is not affected by geo-restriction because the VPN servers are located in different countries, which allows it to be outside the region where geo-restriction is applied.

When you access a website, and if without VPN there is a stream of data that you send and receive directly between your device and the website server. If using a VPN, then the request from your device is directed to the VPN server, and from the VPN server forwarded to the website. Similarly, vice versa, from the website server sends data to your device via the VPN server.

When you access a website using a VPN, the data stream you send and receive is passed through the tunnel and encrypted in advance by the VPN service. Thus, ISPs are difficult to take a peek at your online activity details.

The Best Choice Of VPNs in Russia

1. ExpressVPN

This VPN provider is the best with full features and versatile for a variety of VPN needs, from streaming, torrent, geo-block bypass, and many more. ExpressVPN has well-trained and professional teams in various lines. Customer service is ready 24/7 to help you use their services.

The offered of connection speed is very fast, although not the fastest, but optimal when used for streaming. VPN service to enjoy entertainment without worrying about privacy leaks becomes an option for expatriates and travelers to keep updated information inside and outside the country. According to my personal preferences, ExpressVPN is very versatile for a wide range of online activities.

2. NordVPN

Having a good and stable connection speed and also great experience in security, making NordVPN the perfect choice for an impressive VPN service. Double server protection and AES 256 encryption will reduce your concerns about privacy and security while surfing. Accessing streaming services, torrents, and even blocked websites is no longer an obstacle.

3. IPVanish

It has an impressive connection speed, ideal for torrenting. Military standard security features with true "No Logs" policy are perfect for anonymity needs. Being able to connect simultaneously to five different devices allows IPVanish to be installed on all modern platforms of your device.

To get entertainment, IPVanish can be used with Kodi. Unfortunately, their customer service does not serve live chat, so there is a delay for each support conversation.

4. PureVPN

It has unlimited server switches feature, so you can move servers as per your requirement. Security features comes with AES 256 encryption. Unlimited bandwidth policy is perfect for torrent users. With a good connection speed, PureVPN can keep you anonymous at an affordable price.

5. StrongVPN

Have the best and complete customer service from its competitors. "No Logs" policy with encryption as used by the military as your privacy guarantee remains secure. You remain in anonymity with a good connection speed with no limit bandwith policy. StrongVPN has the cheapest monthly subscription price with good features, so your online activity still private.

Are VPN Legal in Russia?

In late 2017, the Russian government banned VPN. However, the applicable law does not really make the VPN illegal with a variety of considerations. This VPN ban affects VPN provider web sites being blocked, making it difficult for you to access them. However, if you have installed it, then you are protected from problems and legitimate to use it.

Best VPN for Russia: Conclusion

The challenge of Russian to gain online rights and privations is not only experienced by them. Many other countries impose internet restrictions and higher levels of censorship. The best way to cope with internet censorship, geo-restriction, and restrictions on other digital content is to use a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best VPN service provider with full security features and fast connection that will help you to keep working under anonymity.


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