Best VPN For Access YouTube TV Outside USA

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Are you outside USA? Maybe you are curious about the latest service from Google, live streaming service in Youtube TV. For now this service can only be enjoyed in 5 cities in the US, including Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Arena, Los Angeles, and New York City. Beyond that area you can not watch Youtube TV. The question is how to watch Youtube TV in Canada, Australia, UK, UAE, Singapore, and all regions of the world. So, keep reading.

Will Youtube Tv Be Available In Different Countries In The World?

We cannot confirm it yet when Youtube TV will be available in various countries. Is it a year or two ahead? Not yet predictable. At least in the US regional is still limited in the five cities mentioned above. So, it is possible to focus on development in other cities in the US.

Access Youtube TV Using VPN

If you access Youtube TV through your ISP (Internet Service Provider), then Youtube can detect the location where you are, so the geo-restriction of Youtube TV will active. If you are in an area that is allowed then you can access it, if not then block it. VPN is the best solution for bypass geo-restriction, as applied by Youtube TV or other live streaming channel. You can watch Youtube TV service wherever you are. In addition, using a VPN also enhances security and protects your privacy when surfing the internet. Each stream of your data will be encrypted when you receive or send data. So your activity is not easy to be snooped by ISP, government, or third party service.

How to Watch Youtube TV From Outside US

Basically, geo-block / geo-restriction channel like Youtube TV can detect your location is from the IP address that you use. By knowing this trick, then you can trick the geo-block system with as if you are in their service area.

  • Sign Up VPN service. Stay away from free VPN services, as there are usually many restrictions in the free service. And will reduce the convenience of your streaming.
  • Download the VPN service from the VPN provider's official site. And install the VPN app. After that launch the app.
  • Choose a VPN server in the US, note the 5 cities in the US that are allowed by Youtube TV.
  • You are now surfing the web with IP America, and this allows to access Youtube TV, plus ABC, NBC, Freeform, CW TV, and more.
  • What Best VPN To Access Youtube TV From Outside America

    We recommend some of the best VPN providers to access and watch Youtube TV. You can learn about Best VPN Providers in 2018 with more detail and comprehensive there. Here's a list of our best recommendations.


    ExpressVPN Pros

    • Easy to use, easy to install, and cross major devices platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers)
    • No logging policy
    • Strong security and privacy with 256-AES encryption
    • 24/7 live chat support
    • Good speeds with 148 VPN locations and still growing
    • American Netflix and torrenting is allowed
    • 30-day refund

    ExpressVPN Cons

    • Complete features and amazing performance deliver an expensive price


    IPVanish Pros

    • Zero logs policy
    • Cross platform clients
    • Good speed of VPN servers
    • Unlimited bandwith
    • P2P
    • 5 simultaneous connections
    • Open VPN, AES 256 encryption
    • Optimized for Kodi
    • 7-day refund

    IPVanish Cons

    • US-based
    • By default it does not support Netflix


    NordVPN Pros

    • No logs policy
    • Easy to install, easy to use
    • Unlimited bandwith
    • P2P torrenting allowed
    • Double enkripsi data protection
    • Kill-switch
    • Thousands of servers
    • 6 simultaneous connections
    • Unblocks Netflix
    • Friendly support
    • 30-day refund
    • Panama-based

    NordVPN Cons

    • Not all servers have good speed
    • Average download speed


    Cyberghost Pros

    • User friendly interface, and easy to install
    • Unlimited bandwith and traffic, simultaneous connections up to 7 devices
    • Good server speed and wide selections
    • No Logging Policy
    • AES-256 encryption
    • Torrenting allowed
    • Cross major devices platform compatibility
    • 30-day refund

    Cyberghost Cons

    • Average customer service
    • No longer free version (offer 30-day refund guarantee)


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